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Core Focus

The focus at Arkos Design is to enrich lives through purposeful and innovative design. We have built successful projects, a strong reputation, and lasting relationships based on our firm philosophy.


Arkos Design began in 2005, offering architectural services out of our original downtown Niles, Michigan office. Since then, we have grown to include interior design, landscape architecture, and digital arts. In 2014, we moved to downtown Mishawaka, Indiana, and three years later created the vibrant office space at 117 Lincolnway West as our ultimate location. We enjoy our downtown locale and being part of the Michiana community.

Our strategy has been to build an outstanding design team at Arkos Design, and partner with our professional peers in engineering and specialties to form the most suitable team for our clients' needs. In 2016, Arkos Design, led by founding partner Jeff Anglemyer, initiated the addition of two partners, Darla Davidson Aldred and Sally Anglemyer. The three partners represent the design disciplines of the firm and work closely together to ensure that our clients' expectations are exceeded.

Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Digital Arts



We approach Architecture by integrating the built-in environment within the context of the community. Effective architectural design uses form, space, material, and light to create functional and efficient buildings that connect to their surroundings and enhance people's lives.

Interior Design

Our Interior Design team provides unique solutions for attractive, healthy spaces. Balancing creativity and technical knowledge, we focus on producing beautiful, functional spaces.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture at Arkos Design focuses on connecting people and the environment in meaningful ways. Through effective evaluation and thoughtful design, we integrate the built and natural environments with a focus on achieving the client's objectives.

Digital Arts

Arkos Design creates graphics so realistic it's the closest thing to being there. We combine creative elements of traditional illustration with high-end computer and animation skills to create compelling images that capture the essence of envisioned places long before construction.
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Our Team

Jeff Anglemyer
Architect, Senior Principal
Darla Aldred
Landscape Architect, Principal
Sally Anglemyer
Interior Designer, Principal
Tyler Kelsey
Architect, Associate Vice President
Eric Jensen
Architect, Associate Vice President
Philip De Angelis
Kaitlin Foust
Architectural Designer
Regan Miller
Interior Designer
Chris Eberhardt
Landscape Design Associate
Erika Groninger
Interior Designer
Ben Sass
Architectural Designer
Rhiley McIntire
Architectural Designer
Emily Berge
Architectural Intern
Jordan Anglemyer
Digital Arts
Ramona Kauffman
Account Manager
Kathleen Aman
Office Manager

Core Values

Think Every Day (T.E.D.)

Every task has a purpose. The desired end-result being the best design and documents for our clients, developed through an effective process. Professional staff is hired for their minds, their creativity, their strategic thinking ability, and their knowledge. From complex design problems to sending an email, striving to make it excellent is important.


"We" is a very important word at Arkos Design. Not only in how we describe our work to clients, but how we work together and within our community. Rarely are our results generated by one person in the office. Rather, many hands and minds help to visualize and prepare the documents our clients use to make their decisions. Fostering camaraderie within our team makes for a satisfying work environment with more creativity.

Integrity & Respect

Integrity is the value at the heart of Arkos Design. How we conduct ourselves with each other, our clients, peers, vendors, and contractors matters. Respect goes hand in hand with integrity, and mutual respect between firm and staff, with clients, and between coworkers is expected.


Being able to count on each other is imperative. Being reliable means being professional, consistent, and doing what is necessary to complete the tasks at hand. Everyone needs to pitch in and follow through on tasks to avoid the burden of many falling on a few individuals.

Quality in All

Arkos Design strives to provide the utmost quality, whether it is design, documentation, or communication. Not one single person is responsible for a quality product. It is up to each team member to be diligent and aware of the quality being created and presented.