Arkos Design, Inc. is a collection of designers with experience in Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, and Planning.  Our partnerships in the past have provided a broad experience of projects in senior living, healthcare, multi-family, public library, commercial, educational, churches and custom single-family residential.  Our philosophy stems from the integration of the built environment within the context of the greater community.  A successful project is born from a creative collaboration involving the entire owner/designer/builder team.  We have often stated that our goal is to "wear the hat" of the owner while they emphathize with the role of the designer.  To embrace this principle allows the truest solution for the client to emerge. 

  • Design Philosophy

Inherent to architecture is the appreciation that more solutions exist than problems.  Arkos Design approaches each project with the desire to solve the unique concerns of each client while consistently exploring the breadth of opportunities which each project presents. 

  • Client Partnering

The creative process develops best when a collaborative environment between client and designer is nurtured.  Arkos Design believes the most successful project is the result of clients and designers working together with empathy for the other's perspective. 

  • Community Minded

Helping our community appreciate the value of good stewardship can enhance the environment, impacting our own and future generations.  Encouraging creativity through client collaboration during the design process is an important step toward achieving this goal. 

  • Environmental Stewardship

We firmly believe it is our noble duty to create designs which are sensitive and respectful to the environment.  Therefore, we implement sustainability practices whenever possible and appropriate within all our projects. 


 enriching lives through purposeful and innovative design